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of power and confidence,

what could you do with it?

The DynaMIND
® Course...
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Janet and Jonathan have over 26,000 graduates, so far. Here’s why:

DynaMIND is Different:
Because it is active, and technique-oriented, DynaMIND is not available in any book or CD.
You will learn by doing.

You’ll learn Step-by-step Formulas for Active Self-Directed Mental Processes and tested techniques for specific purposes. NOTE: This is NOT ”mindfulness meditation” or ‘creative visualization” or other forms of “new age” type “meditation”, or “hypnosis”. This is your toolkit to ACTIVATE the power of your mind.

Our courses are based on solid concepts in positive psychology, neurology, and neuro-linguistics combined in a unique, practical, enjoyable learning experience.

You’ll free yourself of the common myths and misconceptions behind conventional "positive thinking", popular notions of “visualization”, and fuzzy “new-age” thinking. Discover what really works.

Your Mind is like a Bio-computer. Your thoughts create your reality, not in some “magical think-it-and-get-it” fashion, but in demonstrable, objective common-sense ways. Change your Programming, and you change your life. Learn to understand how your mental and emotional "Programs" are either holding you back, or helping you.

DynaMIND is Quality Family Time. Bring your kids. Ages 12 and up can attend the regular DynaMIND Course. Ages 7 to 12 may attend the Family Course.

Take advantage of Your Review Privileges: If you've done DynaMIND before with us, you can enjoy refreshers, (and find out what's new!) for just the Review fee.

Here’s What You Learn:
Use DynaMIND to Empower Yourself:

Boost your self-image and self-confidence for personal and business success.
Raise your mood, manage emotional states, and free yourself from emotional blocks.
Get rid of self-defeating habits and attitudes.

Use DynaMIND to Be Successful:
Define and manifest your important goals. Be more effective in achieving personal and business objectives.
Activate your creativity and intuition to make better decisions and choose the right path.
Increase your prosperity. Money problems are a sure sign of negative habits and attitudes arising from Mental Programs. Get rid of them.
Reduce weight. Stick to your fitness program. Motivate yourself and follow through.

Use DynaMIND to Improve Your Memory and Learning:
Protect and improve your memory, as you use techniques to remember people's names and to remember abstract concepts and crucial lists.
Never forget a name again!
Use super strategies to maintain concentration for reading, studying, classes, and in important meetings.
Get higher marks in courses, do better in tests and exams, for school and for professional development.

Use DynaMIND to Improve Your Health:
Quick techniques to relax , calm yourself, and boost your immune system. Manage stress so it doesn’t make you sick, grouchy, and ineffective.
Become healthier: activate the Mind/Body Effect for your healing and for pain control.
Sleep better. Throw away those sleeping pills.
Fitness and sports: accelerate your learning of new physical skills and routines.

Use DynaMIND to Enhance Your Relationships:
Tap into your intuition. Find out what’s really going on with the important people in your life!
Strengthen your boundaries. Overcome shyness. Become more perceptive
Make smarter decisions and choices in your relationships and in your career.

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