This is a partial list of the skills you learn in the DynaMIND Course as currently presented.
It’s partial because we add new material and tweak the curriculum from time to time.
If you haven’t yet attended DynaMIND, read the Testimonials and new Testimonials, see buttons to the left, to see what graduates do with these skills.
DynaMIND Graduates: Remember that you can come back to class to refresh your skills.

Here’s your checklist:
Basic Skillset:
Training your mind/brain to create deep physical relaxation and predominant alpha/theta brainwave activity for rational. conscious focus and concentration.
NOTE: This is NOT ”mindfulness meditation” or ‘creative visualization” or other forms of “new age” type “meditation”, or “hypnosis”.
Closed-Eyes Alpha Process- attention to symmetrical position, eyeball position, finger position, centered breathing, Entry and Exit using subjective sensory neurological anchors.
Finger Trigger- (with eyes open) to relax and focus.
Subjective Places of Relaxation- sensory neurological anchors for deep relaxation, and enhanced imagination.
V.A.K.O.G.- developing and using all the subjective senses (what you think with!), not just your habitual default modes.

Awareness and “reprogramming” of habitual thinking patterns:
Cancel-Reprogram- a reflex to interrupt a negative thought, and to use in replacing the negative with a Positive.
Deconstruction of Negative thought patterns- Using the Zapper and other VAKOG tools to change the submodal structure of a negative.
Construction of New Positive thought patterns- Design and installation. NOTE: this is NOT shallow “positive thinking”!
Finger Trigger with Cancel-Reprogram- to reinforce Mental Reprogramming on a day-to-day basis.
ERASE technique- for managing negative feelings.

Creating new habits, skills, and goals:
Alpha QUAD Mental Rehearsal- to practice and imprint new skills and habits (use for sports, performance, music…etc!)
S.P.A.S.E Criteria- for well-formed design of objectives and outcomes
Virtual Goal Technique- for focus and motivation on goals, Intentions, outcomes.
Alpha Brainstorming- for creativity and insights.
H2O Trigger Technique.

Improved memory and accelerated learning
W.H.O.O.P.S.memory technique- imprint and remember peoples’ names when you meet them.
MemoryLINK- use for remembering lists, ideas, concepts, to-do lists.
Classic memory pegs- use for remembering lists, ideas, concepts, to-do lists, when a sequential order is needed.
Alpha for Concentration- be focused in reading or studying materials for later recall and use.
Alpha Dialogue- with the teacher or expert.
Alpha for Concentration- be focused in work meetings or in classes, for later recall.
Alpha during tests and exams- for organization, focus, and recall.

Skills for improved communication and social ease:
Shields Up Technique for strengthening personal boundaries.
Alpha Dialogues: develop more empathy and intuitive perspective.
Alpha QUAD Mental Rehearsal to practice and imprint new responses in social situations.

Skills for Mind/Body Health and Healing
The Alpha/Theta Process- for deep relaxation and stress management.
ERASE- for pain management and elimination.
Pain Control Technique-for pain management and elimination.
Alpha Workshop- and the Workshop Tools, for communication in the mind/body interface.
Healing Tools- to work on your own health.
Healing Tools- to work with someone else who has a health problem.
Medical Intuition- Case Study process for intuitive investigation.
Go to Sleep Technique- in case of insomnia.
Wake up technique- Alpha Clock, rather than the alarm clock.
Jet Lag Control- adjust the mind/body to a new time zone when traveling.
Full Alert- in case of drowsiness.

Developing Creativity, imagination, whole-brain approaches to problem-solving:
MindStreaming- to develop the Subjective Senses and intuition
Remembering Dreams Technique- self-program to recall a dream or dreams in the morning.
DreamPLAY for interpretation- begin to understand the layers of possible meaning, which are unique to you.
Lucid Dream Generation- self-program to be self-aware while in the dream state.
Programming for a Dream- to get an answer, idea or solution.

When is the course?
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