Here's a sampling of comments

from kids and grownups

about the DynaMIND FAMILY Course:

"I am doing well and the techniques you have shown me have helped me a lot with my school and my swim team. Thank you. I would love too come for a refresher sometime. Thanks again."
-Deanna E. Toronto

A funny story – We have 2 computers in the house and Deanna really has wanted one in her room.  She asked for this and apparently used some secret technique on Giancarlo (“Program Your Parents” technique).  John and I  decided, as she needed to type and research more for school, it would be a good idea to give it to her but we decided to make her wait a bit longer and make her have a couple great months at school and she will have earned it.  We are strong believers of earning what you get.  Ten minutes after this discussion, John went to Deanna and told her he was going to move the computer into her room!!!!!  I am not sure what possessed him but he said it!!  I asked him: “How could you tell her that after what we just discussed?”  He had no answer.  Later, Deanna giggled and told me she had applied the secret technique on him.  Not me, just him!!!  So Deanna is now going to have a computer in her room with limited access and full monitoring – but she got what she wanted.  
John and I both agree DynaMIND is one of the best gifts we could give our little girl to bring with her throughout her life.
John and I also derived great benefits from the course; for John it served as a refresher; for me it pulled together and structured all my dabbling into meditation and power of the mind.  Now the whole family is on the same page and we can proceed from here."
-Cathy Esposito

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend.
It was fantastic to see how  often Nadia has used the "Cancel-Re-Program" technique to change the way we react to the events that occur in our lives. She really used the "Feet, lead me to...." strategy to locate misplaced items and she constantly reminds me that I haven't really "lost" anything. It was really interesting to hear that Nadia psychically tapped into the  gentleman's images of the Great Wall of China."
- Monica Watson

My neck feels much better now. Thank you for the necklace. I'll use it for remembering that I'll do well in school." -Nadia

"Daniel loved the DynaMind course. I did too, but let's focus on him.
He's able to use his Getting to Sleep and Dream Techniques well. Any night he wants, which is great. He's also able to get rid of any little pains he incurs. He loves the idea of Sparkle Water and uses it a lot. He would have enjoyed a fourth day of the course. Everyone Daniel showed and explained his necklace to, loved it. He still likes to wear it! He really enjoys listening to the audio story, [The Optimystical Tale] that Janet wrote. We really like how so very many things we learned and were introduced to during the course are in the story in some way. I think he was at a perfect age to have done DynaMind and hopefully will be able to go into his Alpha and use it in so many ways. Thanks for the great 3 days." -Yvonne and Daniel A.

"Chantelle used the 5 to 1 technique to get herself to sleep the very first night and it worked. She felt awesome about it. She also felt really proud of her ability to memorize the short rhymes. 
Emi had a fabulous experience with the projection alpha process where we were to transport ourselves to our homes and then visit a tree. After the exercise, she told me that the tree was very sad and was dying, which we all knew to some degree as half the tree branches are dead. What was more interesting was when you told us to go into the future to winter. Her experience was that there was no tree! That was strange as we had not made any plans to remove the tree yet and certainly not anytime soon. Well, this morning a City worker came by to look at the tree and he said it needs to be cut down and they would do it in the next three months! So what a success for her." -Judy Varga. Ottawa.

"The boys really enjoyed the course. They were explaining it to our neighbours and the neighbour's friends at a party when we arrived back home on Sunday evening. The boys did a really good job of explaining Alpha to everyone. Jake used his Dream Finger Wand in a 'bad' dream "when Janet and he were going down rapids in Algonquin park". He told a bear it was his dream and the bear had to go somewhere else.
Kaleb has used Alpha every night, going to bed, to prepare for his reading/dyslexia course. Using Alpha, Kaleb found his watch and mine which he had borrowed."
-Heather Aberle

"Both Jamie and Jenna said that they enjoyed everything because it was new and different.(especially the music and beads according to Jenna)
I loved it, your presentation was enthralling...even the grown ups were as involved as the kids. It was great to finally review and brush up too!"
-Sue Wilkinson, Goderich

Thank you for the Dynamind Family class. It is always a special time for my kids and me.
It was so exciting to find out that you were going to teach it again after 3 years. Matthew had a little bit of a stomach ache, so Pain Erase and Sparkle Water was really something very powerful for him. I personally like everything about the course. What is really the most important to me is introducing my kids to spirituality. It is through Alpha exercises that they can tap into it much faster. So  thank you Janet for the great course."
-Tom Tomasov

"Since doing DynaMIND, my whole life has done a 180 degree turn. I'm working for myself and love every minute of it. It's been a wonderful experience to talk to my family about Dynamind and
so rewarding to see my grandchildren follow my example. And they love it too!" -Valerie Salter, Toronto.

"Without Family DynaMIND I don't know how I would've singlehandedly raised my two children as a single mother. They are now 27 and 25 with positive attitudes.
Of all the things I've done for them, this was the most useful; and the one I'm proudest of." -Lotus Nip-Bogrees, Oakville.

"Thank you for the very special experience of watching my daughter's mind awaken to all the possibilities that the DynaMIND training opens to her. I'm also very excited about having DynaMind as a common language of growth for our family. I know the kids love the songs as much as the adults do." -Stephen Swigger, Toronto.

"I think it's a really good course and it will help me with a lot of things. It was a lot of fun. My mom taught me the Virtual Goal technique and Finger Stars before the course and
these helped me place first in the running long jump at the big area track meet. I'm going to recommend the Children's course to all my friends because I think it's really great! Janet is a really good teacher and is really good with all the children. She made learning really, really fun. Thank you for the necklace. It is very special." -Alexandra, age 11, Toronto.

"My son really liked the new adventures he went on and the fact that an adult was telling him
it is "OK" to think like that. Keep up the great work!" -C.L., Burlington.

"For my kids this is their second time and for me the third time we have the
opportunity to be part of this fabulous gift of life called DynaMind. I absolutely recommend this program to other families and friends!" - Martha G., Toronto.

"I really like the kid's class.
It is better than school. I like the meditations. The necklaces are neat. I've met some new kids." -Will MacDonald-Kramer, under no pressure whatsoever, Newmarket.

"Alix liked the necklace and the book. She also liked that Janet is very expressive and funny. I liked the necklace and wished the adult class had one! I also liked the
powerful, positive empowering messages in class. I would definitely recommend this training to other families." -Lawrence and Alix Keene., Toronto.

"The necklace of
reminders is a great way for the children (and adults) to remember their training. I think you kept a very even flow through the three days, and kept building on earlier exercises." -Tony M., Toronto.

"I enjoyed the course and Janet's enthusiasm. The format of the course was great.
The beads were an excellent idea. All the kids loved them too." -Vesna Guzina, Toronto.

"My daughter has been using her alpha skills to great advantage, every day. She has wet the bed only four times since the course, two of those at predictably excited times.
This is in contrast to before the course when she would wet the bed on average every other night. Thank you, thank you."- Dad, Anon.

"Some weeks ago, my son Richard painfully discovered that he had a couple of plantar warts on his foot . A Podiatrist told him that he could either have surgery to have them removed or a series of attendances at the Podiatrist's office for medication, for a cost of $500.00. Richard was dejected and kept on asking whether he had to have surgery. I told him we could do some [mind-body]visualization and that we had nothing to lose - but the warts! Richard enthusiastically agreed. Our course of treatment included vitamin A, visualization, and affirmations at least three times a day. I'll let Richard tell you what happened: "I used the Virtual Goal Technique. I saw the warts getting smaller and dropping off. THANK YOU." -Richard Joseph, Age 9. "Needless to say,
Richard was thrilled that he had got rid of his warts without surgery. A side effect of this wart business - when my husband realized that he had to pay $500 for Richard's surgery he thought it best that Jonathan (my other son) should postpone doing his DynaMIND course. Richard emphatically stated that he would not need surgery. He was right, he didn't and Jonathan attended the course!" -Vanessa Joseph, Richard's mom!

"This is about
how I found my favourite teddy, Betty Bear. She was misplaced for a month and I was very worried. One day when my Mum was tucking me into bed we went to the Alpha Level and used our FingerStars. I imagined I was a giant and I could look into the house. And there was Betty Bear under the guest room bed. I opened my eyes and went there and got her out. I was very happy." -Ellen MacDonald-Kramer, (at age 9), Newmarket.

"I've increased my goals and self-esteem. I'm eager to meet new people and be able to help them in any way possible. Visualization is one of the best things I do for myself and others. It works once you use it continuously. Then it's all yours!" -Nesha Ali, Student, Mississauga.
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