Personal consulting with

Jonathan and Janet:

We are occasionally able to accept new personal clients.

We are interested in working only with the highly motivated
who are able to make an ongoing commitment
to the kind of intensive change and growth process
in which we specialize.

If that’s you,
then call us or email
to apply.

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Working one on one with Janet was a very powerful experience. I had fallen in a deep rut with regards to my writing and realized I needed outside help to climb out of it.
 From my first session with her, she quickly identified a deep negative belief and brought it to my attention.
 For the rest of my sessions with her, I got to enjoy first hand and benefit from her extraordinary listening skills, her humour, her wisdom, her rich experience and last, but not least, wonderful customized processes just for me!!! What a privilege!
 I am back to writing with joy and enthusiasm and a regained sense of freedom!
Melissa Anctil, Montreal.

”In May of 2013, I hired Janet and Jonathan to do some consulting work for me to help me attract more business. They created 5 custom processes for me, to help me remove my hidden mental blocks and limiting beliefs, and to program my mind for success.  I made an 8000% return on my investment within 30 days!  The stuff they teach isn’t fluff, it’s not woo-woo, it’s scientifically proven techniques to help businesspeople achieve major ROI (return on investment). If you are in business for yourself -- whether as an entrepreneur, company owner, top sales professional like a real estate agent, insurance agent, or financial adviser -- you owe it to yourself to check out Janet and Jonathan’s proprietary techniques and implement them to enhance your sales and business results. The numbers tell the story, and I have been very happy to re-engage with them.”

Nicky Billou
The CEO Health Coach

Adviser to Olympic Champions Donovan Bailey and Mark McKoy, and 3 time Guinness World Record Holder Theresa Dugwell
Author of Cathy Capitalist and Johnny Jobmaker: the Video Game Company, available on Amazon!

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